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Metascience Research Lab (MSRL)

About Us

We are the Metascience Research Lab (MSRL) at the Information School of University of Wisconsin-Madison! Founded in 2020 by Drs. B. Ian Hutchins and Chaoqun Ni, MSRL is the nexus for research on the Science of Science, Science Policy, and Scientometrics at iSchool. We study complex data to identify insights for accelerating research advances, cultivating a competitive scientific workforce, and facilitating scientific knowledge transfer. Our goal is to provide evidence to inform policies and practices on effective scientific resource allocation, strategy development, and infrastructure building.

ALERT: We are always looking for highly motivated students to join us!

Our Research

Placeholder image for deomnstration Data-driven science policy

* Data-driven insights for science funders
* Evidence-based science and technology policy

Placeholder image for deomnstration Knowledge discovery

* Research frontier prediction
* Knowledge extraction

Placeholder image for deomnstration Inequality in Science

* Gender and race disparties in science
* Diversity, equity and inclusion in science workforce

logo Scientometrics

* Evaluative metrics for science
* Open science